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More Georgia players producing touchdowns in bunches

By on October 3, 2013 9:24 am

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Kawon Bryant has scored five touchdowns in a game twice already this season. On Friday, the junior running back from North Oconee scored five touchdowns in the fourth quarter alone.

Bryant scored eight overall, tying him for second in state history to Kenneth Moore of Calhoun, who scored 10 in a game against Acworth in 1948.

“He runs like a back that is possessed,” North Oconee coach Terry Tuley said of Bryant. “Several plays he would take four and five tacklers with him for extra yardage.”

If these eye-popping touchdown numbers seem more common these days, it’s because they are.

On the same night that Bryant scored eight touchdowns, Hillgrove quarterback Elijah Ironside passed for seven touchdowns against Campbell.

At least five other players scored five or more touchdowns last week, and at least five other quarterbacks threw for five or more touchdowns.

GHSF Daily has documented 32 cases this season in which a player has scored or passed for five touchdowns.

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